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Original G Curreri” fishing canning company is a production company licensed for the purchase and processing of sardines and anchovies for the following finished products: salted anchovies; salted sardines; anchovy fillets in oil; sardine fillets in oil.

The company holds an EC identification number and carries out established monitoring procedures (verified by external technical  experts since 1997).

The processing plant is situated in C/da Siracusa Zona Industriale, Santa Maria in Sciacca (Agrigento).

It employs production procedures which entail strict separation between the pre-cleaning and post-cleaning processing stages; each stage being carefully monitored by the company’s own production managers.

There are also periodical on site reviews as a part of the MONITORING PROCEDURES PROGRAMME, which records all ‘flow of food’ through the establishment. The MONITORING PROCEDURES programme is based on the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Point) system.

The verification of all products and procedures employed throughout processing in order to ensure total product hygiene is enormously difficult.

The HACCP system, therefore, needs to be a dynamic, ever-evolving system; certain procedures is need to be an ongoing, everyday occurrence, not applied occasionally.